Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring 2012 Makeup and Color Trends

I mentioned this in another post about trends - I have no "connections" so the way I find these is just by doing searches and such and looking at what others are talking about and coming out with.

My thoughts about Spring:
 - Spring for me, no matter what the year, is more about pastel colors, fresh colors. Spring is about new life springing up (pardon the pun), flowers, warmer weather, greener leaves and grass, birds, bees, baby animals. So I take those feelings about the season and put them into my looks. I don't see another season where pastels would be an amazing fit. You can where them in Winter too, but for me winter is about the cooler toned pastels. Spring is warmed toned. Light pinks, lavender, lime green (pastel), yellows, oranges, baby blues, corals, peach etc.
-I'll post up nail polishes I have that I would wear for spring, as well as some makeup as well. 


Nail Trends from Harper's Bazaar
-They mention "Dark Burgundy at Donna Karen" - for me that is a fall color, possibly winter and I would probably never wear it in the spring/summer.
-I'm excited for "Fancy Patterns" - 

I just finished a video tutorial and pictures for an easter/spring look with all the colors that I think embody easter. I will at least post the pictures. I need to look at the video and decide if I want to put it up and figure out how to edit it. And I'm in absolute love with it and realized how good this blush I have looks on me. And then I realized that I really want to order some of the ELF mineral blushes.

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