Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I lost my PSSSST! Beauty Army March 2012 Sample Choices

*sad face*

I had it in my car to use that day when I got to school because I was running late. Then I moved it because it was going to snow and I didn't want it to explode. I thought I moved it to a safe place, but now I can't find it! And I really wanted to try it out and use it. I want to start trying to use a few different kinds of hair products. I never do anything with it because it's long. I do need a slight trim and cut though. But 1. I never have any time to do anything real fun and 2. it's "almost" perfectly straight and boring. I've tried looking up a few videos on cute and quick hair styles, but I always forget how to do them, or can't do them. It's usually just thrown up in a pony tail, messy bun or messy braid. I have longish side bangs and those usually end up in the pony tail because my hair is super oily while my scalp is really dry and flaky during the winter. But it's not dandruff and Head & Shoulders doesn't help....

Ordered my Beauty Army kit for the month after much deliberation.........

I just noticed when I did this, it was the Indie Lee The Cleanser, not the Squame Oil that I wanted. *another sad face* 

*SIDE NOTE* I got 7 samples because my kit got lost in their shipping station and didn't ship out when it should have and took forever to get to me*

That is why they should use different pictures for products that look similar or at least make it easier to see the description of the product rather than mousing over because that was a simple mistake that could have been prevented. I know I should have checked but still. Usually companies differentiate between products that look identical. If that had happened with the MAD skincare one I would have been even more upset. So now I have two cleansers. I thought I had done a good job of finally getting samples that were not the same as one another. The eighth sample was another night cream (really?). 

But, if you feel like this may be something that you'd like to try, please use my link :) 

Another Update for Today:

My Wish List!! (yay!)
P.S. I am a very wishful thinker . . .

(this is just on here because I see something I like and then completley forget about it until 3 months later when I see it again..)

  • INGLOT Freedom Palette and Eyeshadows - (totally in LOVE with the AMC Shine and Pearl shadows) - Not the rainbow ones - I have every color under the sun with my BH Cosmetics palettes. I want duochrome and fun and different shadows
  • Annabelle Cosmetics products - um, how about everything they sell! Canadian-based company but if you call you can place an order in the US (site here)
  • E.L.F New Products - specifically ...well...all of their new products and a bunch of their "old" products...I have a list of over 100 things I still want form them. They just ended a sale where you got either 5 or 6 FREE Brushes from their Mineral line with a $25 purchase. Those brushes are $5 each (their most expensive). There's one or two brushes from that line I want to try that seem different than their others. (site here)
  • Concealer, Highlighter and Contour Bronzer (that isn't overly shimmery/glitterly for both the higlighter and the bronzer) - yupp, I used "glitterly" - I think I am going to try the new NYX blush and bronzer duo or the NYX matte bronzer because I believe it comes pretty light. I also want a slightly corrective concealer for under my eyes. The problem is I already am the lightest shade in everything, so I can't find a lighter one for under my eyes because it would have to be white!
  • NuMe Straightener - this is only on my list because I got a gift certificate from MyGlam in the last bag for $100 which only leaves about $25-$40 for me to pay
  • Benefit Oxygen Wow Foundation - really contemplating splurging on this. I LOVE my Revlon foundation, but I am slightly concerned that it is the wrong tone (slightly too pink) for me. I have a lot of redness that I try to cover so that I can actually wear blush, and I really do need a more yellow-toned foundation to counteract the redness
  • Pencil Brush and a Round Top Kabuki BRUSH - I want to try both Sigma and Bdellium brushes.  There are also other Sigma brushes I want to try.
    Sigma Brushes:
    Sigma pencil - E30, Precision Tapered P86, Round Top Synthetic Kabuki, Tapered Highlighter  (I want a tapered highlighter but I do not know if I want the Sigma one)
    Bdellium Tools Brushes:
    (site here) - they are coming out with a new line, and I have no idea which line I want to get. I'm between the anti-bacterial ones and the bamboo brushes...
  • "Natural" Ingredients for making my own lip balms, body butters and scrubs - natural is in quotes because some ingredients are not completely natural (right from the earth). But this is one thing I am extremely interested in because I really would create my own small etsy company to sell my products. I am really excited and passionate to try some of my own creations out. I have one company specifically in mind that I want to order from because the owner just seems amazing and that is Bramble Berry (site here). I actually found them because I originally wanted to make my own soap - but I found that too hard. Two other sites are www.elementsbathandbody.com and www.texasnaturalsupply.com. I do not know much about them but Texas Natural's shipping is outrageous (like most others except BB and Elements) but they have some really awesome and more rare butters that I want to try including orange, lime and blueberry butter which I think would making AMAZING lip balms. 
  • TKB Trading - more cosmetic ingredients from them. Again, more natural ingredients for makeup. I have purchased from them before and they are amazing. Creating your own makeup is really freaking hard haha. But their micas are amazing and can be used in lip and other cosmetic products (if FDA approved for the correct "body part").(site here)

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