Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring 2012 Makeup and Color Trends

I mentioned this in another post about trends - I have no "connections" so the way I find these is just by doing searches and such and looking at what others are talking about and coming out with.

My thoughts about Spring:
 - Spring for me, no matter what the year, is more about pastel colors, fresh colors. Spring is about new life springing up (pardon the pun), flowers, warmer weather, greener leaves and grass, birds, bees, baby animals. So I take those feelings about the season and put them into my looks. I don't see another season where pastels would be an amazing fit. You can where them in Winter too, but for me winter is about the cooler toned pastels. Spring is warmed toned. Light pinks, lavender, lime green (pastel), yellows, oranges, baby blues, corals, peach etc.
-I'll post up nail polishes I have that I would wear for spring, as well as some makeup as well. 


Nail Trends from Harper's Bazaar
-They mention "Dark Burgundy at Donna Karen" - for me that is a fall color, possibly winter and I would probably never wear it in the spring/summer.
-I'm excited for "Fancy Patterns" - 

I just finished a video tutorial and pictures for an easter/spring look with all the colors that I think embody easter. I will at least post the pictures. I need to look at the video and decide if I want to put it up and figure out how to edit it. And I'm in absolute love with it and realized how good this blush I have looks on me. And then I realized that I really want to order some of the ELF mineral blushes.

Friday, March 23, 2012

*hopes and wishes* - and a debbie downer moment

....."the action of hoping and wishing"

Beauty Army announced a deal that when you buy a Pink Sugar product you get a free deluxe sample of their pink sugar scrub....if only I had the money.

So I asked if we would be able to choose them as a sample (specifically come April 1st) and I was told that the solid perfume is already an option......

......which pretty much means that the chances of me be able to chose it are slim to none....and I really, really want it. It's probably the first time since they opened that I was overly exstatic to try a product...if they're gone or I don't have an option to get it I'm going to be quite sad and upset.

I know I'm being a debbie downer right now, but I had to get it out somewhere. I'm already psyching myself out that it's not going to be there and I'm already getting sad/down. Today in general has just been a very off and irritating day already.


On another note, I'm skipping my Julep box this month because the products this month are just ehh and I don't really like any of the colors they came out with for their spring line.

Instead I am going to take the money ($20) and use it towards using the Dermstore *COUPON* (not a gift card like they're saying) this week. It's $25 off of $50. If I could afford $60 I'd buy the Laura Gellar set they have even though the balance 'n brighten is in medium....

*Debby Downer Moment #2*
I can't find where I put the coupon...I hope it didn't get thrown out......for once I can use something from the MyGlam bag...

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pink and Black Eye Looks

I love to wear pink eyeshadows. And I've in some places that people are afraid to use them, or don't like to use them (especially bright ones) and they say "well, I'll just use it as a blush" and I don't really get why. You really cannot put in on your lid and leave it like that, you really do need some sort of neutral or another shade of pink to blend and such. And I have a lot of red on my face, and actually, really cannot wear blush without pilling on the foundation.

So anyways, these are the ways that I wear pink eyeshadow. Some are toned down for day time and others are slightly more dramatic for night time. Also keep in mind to play around. Take these as sort of starting out ideas and add some more pink, use less, use more black, smudge the black in a different way etc. I just sit down and play with eyeshadow ALL THE TIME! It's the only way to figure out what works for you, what colors you like etc.

Also, I ONLY used eyeshadow. I did not use black eyeliner or mascara. The black liner you see is eyeshadow. I did use other shadows including a shimmery tone close to my skin, as well as lighter pinks and a bright pink eyeliner from BH cosmetics (which can be replaced with the eyeshadow). Since I have the eyeliner though, I do use like I did in the picture. I'll note what I used in each one.

And YES...I did do only one eye for each look so the pictures of both my eyes look funny...hehe

I'm going to post them, and then edit with the description and information tomorrow when I can decifer each one and what I used..

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day! - Also, March Beauty Army

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
(I'm very proud to be Irish <3)
Only got to wear emerald green eyeliner from Loreal because I had to work. Also, had green and a little bit of gold for my nails. NOT a fan of the eyeliner..I'll get the name later on.

So, I came on here to do a post on Beauty Army with pictures and everything, and as the computer was loading, I hit a wall. So I'm exhausted....
I said in my previous post that I wasn't all that excited for this month's Beauty Army box. I'm not unhappy with it since a new product got added in right before I made my choice and I got the SunFX Shimmer Lotion (I love shimmer!).

I'm also going to do a post. I did several looks with pink and black eyeshadow. I did this because I was watching a video by BH Cosmetics, and a girl commented about what to do with pink and black eyeshadows, and I LOVE to wear pink eyeshadow, so I sent her a message saying I could show her a couple. So I have those all done, just need to post them up. So I will be doing that tomorrow as well. I haven't been feeling well and had to work and haven't been sleeping soooo it took me an extra day or two to do that. BUT, it is done and I'm very happy with the looks that I did. They're simple but can be used either every day or to go out.

Ok.....goodnight :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

THE SOAP BOX by Fortune Cookie Soap (FCS)

If I can figure out how to edit the video that I was making as an open box review before it cut out halfway through I can show you my very first impression of actually getting this and just how excited I was!

I was able to get pictures before my camera died as well (hoping to get more batteries tomorrow).

OH - but I totally forgot to take pictures of my new little "vanity" which consists of the top of my dresser inside of my closet :) But it's so cute and it works and I even have a little lamp and it's awesome....I am using one of my drawers for extra makeup and other stuff - so now to find a place for my clothes.....actually there's a bunch of random stuff in the other drawers as well....I still am unorganized since moving at the beginning of the year...

Well, upon editing the photos, I realized the pics I took of the Milk Bath and Bubbling Bath Crystals were out of focus, so those will come later on.


Monday, March 12, 2012


I'm going to call this week...monthly subscription box week!!

Due to credit card reasons, or what not....all my montly subsciption boxes are coming this week! I will probably get two today (I think MyGlam and Julep). They were both in MA on friday. *eepers*

So, my clutch went in my car. And it's vacation week. So I am stuck at home. Which means...I'm bored. So I'm hoping to catch up on things. And try to sign up for a few different websites and kind of get my blog out to more people. I know I  am not always the greatest at updating, but I try really hard to bring items and such to people that cannot afford the high end brands.

Okay...more later. I need to somehow find a way to go get more foundation. I think I am COMPLETELY OUT

Myglam and The Soap Box came today. But I have a migraine. I was taping reviews (first time ever!) and the memory card became full halfway through the soap box one. I need to figure out how to flip it since everything is backwards. I've never filmed before sooo..

Photobucket is hating me! It froze as I was trying to load pictures. Well, didn't freeze completely but stopped showing the preview of pictures that I was previewing up upload....sooooooo...trying, but It's not working all that well ...

Recent Looks:

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I lost my PSSSST! Beauty Army March 2012 Sample Choices

*sad face*

I had it in my car to use that day when I got to school because I was running late. Then I moved it because it was going to snow and I didn't want it to explode. I thought I moved it to a safe place, but now I can't find it! And I really wanted to try it out and use it. I want to start trying to use a few different kinds of hair products. I never do anything with it because it's long. I do need a slight trim and cut though. But 1. I never have any time to do anything real fun and 2. it's "almost" perfectly straight and boring. I've tried looking up a few videos on cute and quick hair styles, but I always forget how to do them, or can't do them. It's usually just thrown up in a pony tail, messy bun or messy braid. I have longish side bangs and those usually end up in the pony tail because my hair is super oily while my scalp is really dry and flaky during the winter. But it's not dandruff and Head & Shoulders doesn't help....

Ordered my Beauty Army kit for the month after much deliberation.........

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gossip Girl Series

I am slightly obsessed with Gossip Girl, since the very first book came out.

I was watching monday night and wanted to do a tutorial/look inspired by Michelle Trachenburg (Georgina)'s look. And then I saw (finally) that the Makeup Geek weekly challenge this week is inspired by Blake Lively. Now it doesn't have to be from Gossip Girl, but I am going to do it from a Gossip Girl look. So that is what inspired this. So I will start off with those two, then move on to others.

Other Updates:
I've used a few of my samples from Beauty Army from last month and will do a quick blurbs on those soon. Same issues as last month with this month as far as the sample selection goes and I really feel no need to order this month except that there are two that I reallly want to try. I'm just so bummed out still that I can't try the LaRocca Lip Shield...

I'll also do a quick update on my Julep boxes I've been receiving, as well as the MyGlam bag I got last month. I am going to continue with this month with MyGlam to see how it is, and possibly might cancel.

I also signed up for "The Soap Box" from Fortune Cookie Soap and am sooooooooooooo excited about it!!! I absolutely cannot wait for that and I will do a whole post on that when it comes.

......I really need to stop subscribing to subscription services.....I'm going to go broke......my boyfriend is getting slightly annoyed with it hehe. But I just love to get packages in the mail.