Friday, March 23, 2012

*hopes and wishes* - and a debbie downer moment

....."the action of hoping and wishing"

Beauty Army announced a deal that when you buy a Pink Sugar product you get a free deluxe sample of their pink sugar scrub....if only I had the money.

So I asked if we would be able to choose them as a sample (specifically come April 1st) and I was told that the solid perfume is already an option......

......which pretty much means that the chances of me be able to chose it are slim to none....and I really, really want it. It's probably the first time since they opened that I was overly exstatic to try a product...if they're gone or I don't have an option to get it I'm going to be quite sad and upset.

I know I'm being a debbie downer right now, but I had to get it out somewhere. I'm already psyching myself out that it's not going to be there and I'm already getting sad/down. Today in general has just been a very off and irritating day already.


On another note, I'm skipping my Julep box this month because the products this month are just ehh and I don't really like any of the colors they came out with for their spring line.

Instead I am going to take the money ($20) and use it towards using the Dermstore *COUPON* (not a gift card like they're saying) this week. It's $25 off of $50. If I could afford $60 I'd buy the Laura Gellar set they have even though the balance 'n brighten is in medium....

*Debby Downer Moment #2*
I can't find where I put the coupon...I hope it didn't get thrown out......for once I can use something from the MyGlam bag...

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