Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day! - Also, March Beauty Army

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
(I'm very proud to be Irish <3)
Only got to wear emerald green eyeliner from Loreal because I had to work. Also, had green and a little bit of gold for my nails. NOT a fan of the eyeliner..I'll get the name later on.

So, I came on here to do a post on Beauty Army with pictures and everything, and as the computer was loading, I hit a wall. So I'm exhausted....
I said in my previous post that I wasn't all that excited for this month's Beauty Army box. I'm not unhappy with it since a new product got added in right before I made my choice and I got the SunFX Shimmer Lotion (I love shimmer!).

I'm also going to do a post. I did several looks with pink and black eyeshadow. I did this because I was watching a video by BH Cosmetics, and a girl commented about what to do with pink and black eyeshadows, and I LOVE to wear pink eyeshadow, so I sent her a message saying I could show her a couple. So I have those all done, just need to post them up. So I will be doing that tomorrow as well. I haven't been feeling well and had to work and haven't been sleeping soooo it took me an extra day or two to do that. BUT, it is done and I'm very happy with the looks that I did. They're simple but can be used either every day or to go out.

Ok.....goodnight :)

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