Monday, March 12, 2012


I'm going to call this week...monthly subscription box week!!

Due to credit card reasons, or what not....all my montly subsciption boxes are coming this week! I will probably get two today (I think MyGlam and Julep). They were both in MA on friday. *eepers*

So, my clutch went in my car. And it's vacation week. So I am stuck at home. Which means...I'm bored. So I'm hoping to catch up on things. And try to sign up for a few different websites and kind of get my blog out to more people. I know I  am not always the greatest at updating, but I try really hard to bring items and such to people that cannot afford the high end brands.

Okay...more later. I need to somehow find a way to go get more foundation. I think I am COMPLETELY OUT

Myglam and The Soap Box came today. But I have a migraine. I was taping reviews (first time ever!) and the memory card became full halfway through the soap box one. I need to figure out how to flip it since everything is backwards. I've never filmed before sooo..

Photobucket is hating me! It froze as I was trying to load pictures. Well, didn't freeze completely but stopped showing the preview of pictures that I was previewing up upload....sooooooo...trying, but It's not working all that well ...

Recent Looks:

Beauty From The Earth (BFTE) Cosmetics - <3 you!
okay, so it's cropped on photobucket and on the upload preview....but not on here...

Beauty From The Earth (BFTE) Shadows from their Blogger Set they released a little while back 
Same look, different lighting
Again, just not very focused
These pictures do not do the shadows justice! They are super amazing!! Little fallout and they are powder. The customer service is AH-MAY-ZING! They are small business, support them (or at least add them on facebook)! I want to order more from them when I have the money. (These!)
Again, was supposed to be cropped, don't know why it doesn't show the correct image...

Look using the ULTA Eyeshadow Quad in It Girl.....such a disappointing product :(

Okay, sorry, need to give up at the moment until photobucket works with me

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