Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pink and Black Eye Looks

I love to wear pink eyeshadows. And I've in some places that people are afraid to use them, or don't like to use them (especially bright ones) and they say "well, I'll just use it as a blush" and I don't really get why. You really cannot put in on your lid and leave it like that, you really do need some sort of neutral or another shade of pink to blend and such. And I have a lot of red on my face, and actually, really cannot wear blush without pilling on the foundation.

So anyways, these are the ways that I wear pink eyeshadow. Some are toned down for day time and others are slightly more dramatic for night time. Also keep in mind to play around. Take these as sort of starting out ideas and add some more pink, use less, use more black, smudge the black in a different way etc. I just sit down and play with eyeshadow ALL THE TIME! It's the only way to figure out what works for you, what colors you like etc.

Also, I ONLY used eyeshadow. I did not use black eyeliner or mascara. The black liner you see is eyeshadow. I did use other shadows including a shimmery tone close to my skin, as well as lighter pinks and a bright pink eyeliner from BH cosmetics (which can be replaced with the eyeshadow). Since I have the eyeliner though, I do use like I did in the picture. I'll note what I used in each one.

And YES...I did do only one eye for each look so the pictures of both my eyes look funny...hehe

I'm going to post them, and then edit with the description and information tomorrow when I can decifer each one and what I used..

And then my galaxy nails I did today!

Yeah....I remove the nail polish on my skin when I take a shower. I'm too afraid to ruin my nails by trying to do it with nail polish remover.

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