Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gossip Girl Series

I am slightly obsessed with Gossip Girl, since the very first book came out.

I was watching monday night and wanted to do a tutorial/look inspired by Michelle Trachenburg (Georgina)'s look. And then I saw (finally) that the Makeup Geek weekly challenge this week is inspired by Blake Lively. Now it doesn't have to be from Gossip Girl, but I am going to do it from a Gossip Girl look. So that is what inspired this. So I will start off with those two, then move on to others.

Other Updates:
I've used a few of my samples from Beauty Army from last month and will do a quick blurbs on those soon. Same issues as last month with this month as far as the sample selection goes and I really feel no need to order this month except that there are two that I reallly want to try. I'm just so bummed out still that I can't try the LaRocca Lip Shield...

I'll also do a quick update on my Julep boxes I've been receiving, as well as the MyGlam bag I got last month. I am going to continue with this month with MyGlam to see how it is, and possibly might cancel.

I also signed up for "The Soap Box" from Fortune Cookie Soap and am sooooooooooooo excited about it!!! I absolutely cannot wait for that and I will do a whole post on that when it comes.

......I really need to stop subscribing to subscription services.....I'm going to go boyfriend is getting slightly annoyed with it hehe. But I just love to get packages in the mail.

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