Tuesday, March 13, 2012

THE SOAP BOX by Fortune Cookie Soap (FCS)

If I can figure out how to edit the video that I was making as an open box review before it cut out halfway through I can show you my very first impression of actually getting this and just how excited I was!

I was able to get pictures before my camera died as well (hoping to get more batteries tomorrow).

OH - but I totally forgot to take pictures of my new little "vanity" which consists of the top of my dresser inside of my closet :) But it's so cute and it works and I even have a little lamp and it's awesome....I am using one of my drawers for extra makeup and other stuff - so now to find a place for my clothes.....actually there's a bunch of random stuff in the other drawers as well....I still am unorganized since moving at the beginning of the year...

Well, upon editing the photos, I realized the pics I took of the Milk Bath and Bubbling Bath Crystals were out of focus, so those will come later on.


And I was bored earlier and did these with the photo editor....

I'm going to edit this tomorrow with the other pictures and more information on the products, but until then, goodnight!

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