Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I get to use the dermstore *COUPON* that I got in the myglam bag. I really didn't want to out of sheer, I don't know the word, because I don't want them thinking that it was a good idea (yeah..). But I didn't like my Julep box this month, so I skipped it so I could use that money towards the dermstore purchase.

I am going to get the Beautyfix Secret pick thing for $30 and then the Tarte Palette to Go for $22. I would get one of their $36 ones if I had the money but I don't. Sooo. Yeah. I really want to try the Beautyfix thing because I want to use Beautyfix as a subscription service where I pick the samples, but it's $50 and I cannot afford that even though it's only every quarter. I may start in the summer when I am working more. We will see.

So excited for my Beauty Army samples this month, and from the clues to the MyGlam bag I am totally completely STOKED for that too!. I'm going to try and clean out my SD cards so I can film an unboxing...

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