Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Catching Up - Beauty Army box shipped today!


So my Beauty Army kit finally shipped today. Here is a preview of what I selected as my samples.

 I had a very hard time with this month due to some fusterations with the quiz and the samples that didn't seem to fit with what I selected. I later found out that I was right and that there was a lip balm that I could have selected but it never showed up in the like 20 times that I took the quiz, so that I was quite upset about. Another issue was that lotions or creams were the only things I was getting (hence, taking the quiz 20 or so times). I have a face moisturizer that I use because it's the only one I found that I really like. I don't mind trying others but 1. the chances of me buying it are slim to none because it's probably really expensive and 2. that's not the only thing I want in my kit.

One of the choices was another bling tone eyeshadow which I got last month and wasn't too thrilled with it.

They had a scrub I really wanted but it was scented with coconut which I cannot do. The scrub is the same brand as the shampoo so I am wondering what this is going to smell like.

A few of the items I was excited about, some were just because I had to choose. I really....really wanted the lip balm. I'm just having issues with the lack of variety. There is variety within the brands of lotions/serums that they are offering.......but I want more than lotions/serums. I want make-up, nail products, hair products that aren't shampoo (I technically got two "shampoos"). I'll explain more about why I chose the samples I did when the kit arrives.


  • Mini ULTA Lip Crayon (Clearance) - Bright red color - lasts a really long time! Color on lips is the same color as in the package
  • Essence Holographic Cream Eyeshadow - This one looks like it will be pretty, just don't know how it will hold up
  • ULTA brand beauty blender type sponge - this was interesting to use, will have to get used to it. I like putting my foundation on with the stippling brush and then going over it with the sponge which gave it a nice, smooth finish
  • Face Mask (need to go get the same) - I think it causes me to break out, don't know if it says what it says its going to do - felt nice though
  • NYX Round Case Lipstick in NYX - The color is actually called NYX, a seriously pretty orange
  • Cover Girl Lip Stain - I've never used a lip stain, smelt/tasted like alcohol, not too sure about the color. Had to apply a little and spread/press it/dab it out with my finger to make it a lighter color then what it probably was going to be. I need to find lip colors that will look good on me. Lip colors are new to me.
  • Maybelline 24 Hour Eyeshadow Tattoo - Bought to use as a base because I heard it doesn't crease. Have not actually tried it out except as a swatch
  • ELF All Over Color Stick - Peach - I was really hoping it was shimmer/glitter and of course it is....I really like the color, but it's hard to use as a blush with the amount of shimmer in it. It's pretty on your lips. Smells citrusy, tastes horrid.
  • Bought another Target brand crease/blending brush - One of my favorite brushes ever!

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