Sunday, January 8, 2012

Spring 2012 Makeup Trends

So it's not like I am involved with any cosmetic companies, or go to fashion week, so I just do my own searches and such for makeup trends to see what is up for the next season. That is what I am doing tonight. When I was looking the other night I saw "conflicting" trends, or maybe they are both going to be in! I saw one by (now I forget the company!) that was pastel eyes, but I also saw that Bobbi Brown is coming out with a Neon and Nudes line for the spring (picture/link to follow). I am totally down for neon makeup!!!

Bobbi Brown: Neon and Nudes Spring 2012

  • Those lip glosses look so cool, but it says they are sheer (which might be a good thing...) but I'd have to see how they look in person
  • I love the looks of it all! I'm very fair, but with red cheeks, so I don't think the blushes would look good. And I have plenty of bright eyeshadows.. so I don't see myself purchasing those, but they look super pretty and pigmented.
NARS Spring 2012

Two Faced Cosmetics

  • They are releasing a "Natural Beauty" collection
  • Is releasing/has released 4 new amazonian clay blushes that have more sparkle in them than their other blushes. The four shades include Glisten (which looks AWESOME), Flush, Buff and Adored. The swatches of Glisten are just to die for, and I'm going to have to try it and see if it will look good and I'm praying it does. It's a pink but with a hint of peach/gold almost like duo-chrome. It changes depending on the angle with some extra sparkle too. 

Oranges/Tangerines also seem to be big right now. I would probably totally rock the orange. Just don't know how it would look. Hmm..inspiring...

Another trend I have found is matching your lip color and nail color, which is ...I don't know. I don't normally wear colors that I can wear on my lips. And that means you'll be wearing the same lip color for a few days. I mean I only have a few colors, but they're pretty sheer because I'm not a huge fan of bright, strong lips since I am just getting into lip colors. We will see about this..

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