Tuesday, October 11, 2011

ULTA Eye Crayon - Quick, Quick Review

Not so much a review, but for now the thoughts I had on his product. I haven't figured out how I am going to do these reviews and what sort of rating system, so just my thoughts while I put off studying for a lit. exam.

Link to the product online: 

I got the color Fairy Tale which is just SUPER amazing. I love color shifting makeup and this is just that. It's this gorgeous bright, light to medium pink that in the light is peachy-orange-gold. I am just so in love to the point where I would but this color a thousand times over!

Since it is a cream-type it doesn't blend very well. There is a sponge on the product but it pretty much erases it instead of spreading it. I used it to "erase" the product if it got in a place I didn't want it. It may be this color, but if I used it, it got rid of the color shift and left a very muted pink color. I didn't try using my fingers to spread but I'm sure doing this would do the same thing. I'm sure it would be fine on other colors to mute and spread them, but since it color shifts, it got rid of this property of the color.

I put a decent amount on to color my entire lid and make the color noticeable. It is a lighter color, but I wanted to see the color shift very easily. I need to find a product to either go in the crease or blend it out so its not just on my lid. I put it a little bit past my crease, but need to figure out a better look. I didn't have the time to do that today.

It last all day!!!! HUGE!! Like this is awesome. It's 10:30p and at 10 when I looked in the mirror, it had only faded on the eye I had been rubbing because it was itchy. There was an itty bitty, unnoticeable spot on the other lid where it might have creased, but also almost looked like I had missed a spot putting it on. My eyelids are pretty oily and "wrinkly" so this was a HUGGE MAJOR YEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! So excited. Oh, P.S. I did use an eye primer, but it was the ELF $1 one. Not sure if this made a huge difference. Will test without primer.

I'm going to buy the white next in hopes of using it underneathe eyeshadows to brighten them up and maybe it will cause them to stay on just as long! Will also buy a darker one to see how it does as well. 

No rating until I try it more than once. And when I figure out how I am going to rate them. Oh another thing, applying it was a little tricky to get it even and in all the places I wanted. I guess comparable to any cream stick when not using your fingers or another applicator to put on. 

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