Monday, October 10, 2011

Brand new to this - Trying things out

Hmm, well after reading through some of my favorite blogs, and contemplating this for awhile, I have decided to start a blog. Not sure why. Don't know who is ever going to see/read it. I'm not sure about the direction this is going to go yet. I have two concepts in mind, so I probably will end up with two because they are such completely different things I don't want them combined. Readers of one would probably get bored with the other and vice versa. 


It mainly started out because Ulta opened up a store 5 minutes down the road from me (SO EXCITED! But there goes my weekly paycheck). And I felt the need to share my little mini haul after seeing many youtubers and bloggers do such a thing. My camera is currently lost so pictures would come later. I also ran to Walgreens because I LOVE HALLOWEEEN and they have Face Makers makeup by Wet n Wild and I bought a 9 pan glitter eyeshadow palette. So a mini review on that and all the other makeup I purchased with swatches to come!

I am quite excited for this, I hope it works out and I get some followers as well as maybe doing some videos if I can bare to share my voice. Also am hoping for some tutorials because the look I did today was AH-MAY-ZING if I should say so myself. I cannot afford to buy expensive makeup, so as for right now, and probably for a bit into the future, all makeup is affordable, drugstore, store brand, large palette makeup. 

Introductory post up soon. Still unsure of what I am going to call this and such. Not feeling so creative at the moment.

Sweet Dreams!

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